Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai will open up a whole new world of experiences for you. The awe-striking beauty of sand gold in the first rays of the sun is surely a sight to behold. So, visiting the desert safari in the morning is never a bad idea.

Morning Desert Safari Timing:

The opening timings of Desert Safari Dubai start at 7 am and are open nearly 24 hours a day. The activities and games during the daytime are somewhat different from the nighttime ones, which means you can enjoy most of your day with the exciting range of games and activities out there. You can begin your day most romantically and exotically by witnessing the sunrise while sitting on the dunes with your loved ones. The experience of watching a burning gem coming out of the velvety sand mountains of Arabia is surely one of the best ways to start your day.

The morning desert safari is always a fun place to visit, especially if you are taking your children on the desert safari. Starting with the clean and poised environment you find on a desert safari in the morning, is something you don’t find in other places.

The serenity and closeness to Mother Nature attract your heart and give it peace. You can take your breakfast there and enjoy the first meal with your family in the center of the limitless dunes. The temperature during the day is nearly 41 F, so it is better to visit the desert safari between September and March.

Morning Desert Safari Overview:

The daytime visit to the desert safari is the most fun part of your visit. You can enjoy all the adventurous activities during the morning desert safari visit. Our 4*4 cruise pick-up and drop-off service will pick you up from your hotel in the most luxurious vehicle and whisk you away to the desert safari in no time. You will also be able to take a tour of the whole desert safari with our tour guides, who will provide you with complete information about the place. You can witness the unique types of flowers, plants, and trees that are the main sources of attraction for tourists.

Your children will be enthralled to see the incredible wildlife they have only seen in movies and documentaries during the morning safari. The wildlife exhibition at the desert safari is open only during the daytime and has animals from all over the world.

Our Deals That Could Attract You:

If you are visiting the UAE with your kids and wish to visit desert safari, our daytime desert safari deals provide you with the best service in the whole of Dubai. You can enjoy quad bike riding, which is a must-try for every person who visits a desert safari. If you are adventurous but missing a spice of thrill in the desert, we have got your solution. We offer dune bashing, ski gliding, and sandboarding activities in our morning desert deals that will satisfy you to your core.

We can capture your memorable time as we also provide a photography service throughout your visit. One of the most unique services provided in our deals is yacht rentals. Feel the most luxurious experience of your life with our yacht visits to the clear and glittering waters of the Arabian Sea. Your visit during the daytime with us will let you experience the culture of the Arabs with our amazing deals, comfortable rides, and delicious Arabic cuisine.


Get a change at any time of the day with a desert safari

We offer tours with the best enthusiasm. It does not matter if you are going alone or with your family and friends. We offer you the best adventure of Dubai Desert Safari in the morning, an evening desert safari in Dubai, or a night tour. We have several special 4×4 cars and buses according to your package.

Let’s start this for the Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Meet our polite and trained travel guides at the reception to pick you up between 7:00 AM and 07:30 AM. Step into our luxury Land Cruiser to embark on a journey through this wonderfully developed city.

Take a look outside to capture the serene atmosphere, including popular places, markets, and more. Don’t miss taking photos with the locals whenever you get a chance to get some memorable memories on the trip.

Experience the ultimate thrill with Dune Bashing

Go on an adventurous ride with our thrilling dune bashing on the 4WD Land Cruiser for up to 50 minutes. Make sure our drivers are very experienced and familiar with navigating steep slopes and climbing deserts, like the Pro.

Tour Attraction: Morning Desert Safari

Make good use of your time in light conversations with the residents of the area. Get some interesting recommendations on local attractions, food, shops, events, and other popular activities in Dubai.


We highly recommend that people with any medical history of cardiovascular disease or physical injury avoid dosing for their safety. Others can enhance their adrenaline experience with sand boarding, horseback riding, and quad biking (extra charges apply), and many other exciting activities on the morning desert safari.

We want to ensure that all vehicles are in excellent condition with regular maintenance services and timely repairs. With first aid kits, airbags, and other safety features, you can expect a safe and secure drive in vehicles.

Our Packages

Basic Package

Dune Bashing
  • Pick up & Drop off from home or hotel
  • Clean and Air-Conditioned 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Dune Bashing Duration 45 Minutes
  • Camel Ride
  • View Of the Desert – Photo Point
  • Sand Boarding

Price: 130 AED /PERSON

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Advance Package

Quad Bike
  • Pick up & Drop off from home or hotel
  • Clean and Air-Conditioned 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Quad Bike Duration 30 minutes
  • Dune Bashing Duration 45 Minutes
  • Camel Ride
  • View Of the Desert – Photo Point
  • Sand Boarding

Price: 250 AED /PERSON

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Desert Safari Tour Duration Pick up For Desert Safari Tour Tour Service Drop Off For Desert Safari Tour
04:00 Hours (Approx) 07:00 AM – 7:30 AM We Offer Daily Tours 11:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Centralized Locations for Desert Safari

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What time does the desert safari start?

Desert Safari Dubai is open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

How many hours is a desert safari in Dubai?

Morning desert safari time is around 4 hours.

What is dune bashing?

Dune bashing means driving on the dunes in a zigzag pattern. In addition, you need special 4x4 vehicles to move on the soft sand.

How safe is dune bashing?

Yes, dune bashing is safe. Land cruiser vehicles in the desert have a roll bar and safety equipment.