While visiting a tropical country like Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is its limitless sand dunes and their exotic beauty. Desert Safari is therefore, the best place to visit in United Arab Emirates. The  vastness of these sparkling sand dunes in the dazzling rays of sun make them the main point of attraction for tourists from all over the world.Desert Safar is originally an Arabic trend, having to originate from a Kiswahili word Safara. If you are bored of being a beach baby or mountain freak, Desert Safari in Evening is the best place for you to visit to spend your holidays in a great place. The weather in a desert safari is dry and arid most of the year ranging with temperature nearly 106 F/41 C. Thus it is best to visit a desert safari in months between November to March. The clean stark simplicity of of the deserts is a unique feature that makes them different and attractive.

 In Morning Desert Safari, calm and serene environment of deserts is  a source of relief for the people who are tired of the hustle of the world. The rare species of plants and animals found in deserts also add to things solely related to deserts.The  brown barren lands appear to be the soils of heavens when the sun rises. In the evening, the clear air augmented by simplicity creates the most poised and breathtaking scenes, with the colors on the sky appearing to be a bow that bridges heaven. Such scenes ascend deep to your soul and leave an everlasting impression on your heart. The leisure time spent here in a Desert safari will be a lifetime moment for you to cherish. 

Moreover the Overnight Desert Safari Dubai is great choice for people of all age including children. The children get to play various games and enjoy themselves in vast sandy mountains. 

We have got you our special customized deals for various tour programs like visiting the places of your choice in UAE. Our famous tour packages according to popular demands include touring Dubai City and its landmarks. 

The Dubai Mall, Expo 2020 , Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Al Arab are some top notch places in Dubai. You can get the most amazing technology experiences in Abu Dhabi Ferrari world, the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque and a one day visit to Hatta valley, where you can connect to the cultural heritage and traditions of the place and reenergize yourself with the view of the green waters of beautiful Hatta lake, the resorts and wadi hubs and The Great Hatta mosque. Not only this, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the grandest and most luxurious hotels in the world to excel your tour experience.

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai Deals Includes:

Thrilling 4×4 Dune Drive, SandBoard, Belly Dance

Camel Ride, Henna Tattoo, 5 Live Shows

BBQ Buffet, & More Activities

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Desert Safari Deals & Packages

Traveling has been the favorite hobby of human since earliest times and if the holiday is more fun and adventurous than you expected, it just doubles your joy. All this fun and adventure is now in your access with our amazing desert safari deals and packages. If you visit UAE and wish to satisfy your adventurous personality cravings, we have got you the best desert safari deals in an affordable price and for a commendable time period. You can enjoy all the fun activities in desert safari with our deals that include 


35 AED

Drive Your Car to Desert Point

Self Drive Safari Includes 10-15 Minutes of Dune Basing. Camel Riding, Sand Boarding, Buffet Dinner…


55 AED

Join Us Centralized Locations

 Basic Desert Safari Includes 10-15 Minutes of Dune Basing. Camel Riding, Sand Boarding, Buffet Dinner…


90 AED

Pickup by 4×4 Car From Doorstep

Advance Desert Safari 20-25 Minutes of Dune Basing. Camel Riding, Sand Boarding, Buffet Dinner…


149 AED

Pickup by 4×4 Car From Doorstep

 Morning Desert Safari Includes 40-45 Minutes of Dune Basing. Camel Riding, Sand Boarding…


149 AED

Home Pickup + VIP Lounge & Table Service

 VIP Desert Safari Includes 25-30 Minutes of Dune Basing. Camel Riding, Sand Boarding, Buffet Dinner…


249 AED

Pickup by 4×4 Car From Doorstep

Overnight Desert Safari 20-25 Minutes of Dune Basing. Camel Riding, Buffet Dinner, Breakfast…

Desert Safari Dubai Activities

Dune Bashing

 You can also hire our beasts and make your stormy ride through the twisting sand dunes of the desert safari, all included in our desert safari package. We don’t just say we deliver.

Quad Biking

Quad bike riding where you get the bewildering experience of riding through the turning mountains of sand.  Our guides will ensure your all the safety measures with seatbelts, elbow and knee pads and helmets. 


Sandboarding at Dubai Desert Safari is not something that is heartbreaking. Put on your gear and get into the golden mounds in the desert of Dubai. To prepare for the sandboarding session, a board will be attached to your feet that you can walk gently over the sandy Arabian desert.

Camel rides

Camel riding is the tradition of Arabs since the older times. Camel is called the plane of desert and one of the most fun activity when you are visiting  desert safari Dubai. Peole around the globe loves it.

Our Sightseeing Tours


99 AED

Pickup Drop-off by 4×4 From Doorstep

Dubai City Tour. Gold Souk, Dubai Frame, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj AL Arab, Atlantis


150 AED

Pickup Drop-off by 4×4 From Doorstep

Abu Dhabi Tour. Sheikh Zayed, Mosque, Ferrari World, Heritage Village


99 AED

Pickup Drop-off by 4×4 From Doorstep

Hatta Tour. Hatta Dam, Heritage Village, Hill Park, Hatta Wadi, Fort Hotel

Dubai Desert Safari Tourism

You are planning a tour to Emirates and a looking for a fun packed thrilled dipped experience for your holidays this time, this is the exact place where you need to be. We have got some astounding desert safari tour deals so that you satisfy your wild cravings in a perfect package without getting deceived by fake websites. 

Our services include securing all your concerns related to transport, accommodation, meals and  infallible fun. We have the most amazing customized deals that can help book the best hotels in Dubai to stay. All the activities during your  stay and the concerned services are all managed by our professional guides. We will provide you  complete information about the atmosphere, flora and fauna, history and culture of the place, so that it will be easier for you to adjust. 

Our transport services include pick and drop from your stay point to the desert safari Dubai and further a complete tour of the desert. You will not miss any activity in the desert safari be it night or day. For the desert safari tour, we will provide you 4 wheeler cruisers, dune buggy tours, quad bikes, camel rides and ski diving. 

Our guides will give you the complete insight of the place, guide you directions so that you can  the local services at affordable prices. We have a jarring customer service and  on your desert safari tour we will ensure that the you get the most unforgettable experience of you life with us. 


Desert Safari Tour Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

There is not uncertainty in companionship and devotion with humankind through camels, recognize a seat on camel bump for a short experience and take Pictures or Video(s) of the perspectives for 2 to 3 minutes.

Only take your important matters with you want Mobile, Camera, Sun Block Etc. Don’t take needless matters with you seeing that it will be a hint past due round 9:00 pm whilst returning to hotel/home. Use a purse to keep your matters.

The Dubai Desert Safari tour is a 6 hours tour. You will be picked up from your hotel around 3:00 pm and will be drop back by 9:00 pm.

We advise you to put on normal comfortable clothes. For Boys: Shorts or Cotton Pants with T-Shirts. For Girls: Shalwar Kamiz, or Pants & T-Shirts As you may sense less complicated whilst the dune bashing and sand skiing. Also, some distance higher in case you put on sandals as opposed to footwear due to the fact the sand receives into the footwear and make problem for you.

Please Call or WhatsApp at +97154 3233140/ +97154 3940767 Also, you can use the Book Me buttons to send us your details to confirmation.

Cash or Card payments upon pickup to the driver or Deposit in the ATM Account or Bank Transfer.